Wordless, worthless, powerless. First words…

18 05 2010

What were our first words? Where did they come from?  How did we use them?

I can’t remember mine, not the Laotian words of my heritage, but I recall the sounds of my first English words, sounds that had yet to be attached with meaning, voices that came with gestures attempting to explain to me these words. Words that came in colorful books and written in bold black letters. Words that came in songs sung to the plucking of guitar strings, ‘yellow bird, up in banana tree…’ Words that had no meaning. Hello, name, you, goodbye, they meant nothing to me but something to someone else, and perhaps everything to another person. But to me…What are words without meaning? Wordless, worthless, powerless? A visual world of motion, an aural world of noises. I was four years old. I was a sheet of A4. Curiously collecting my first words. Imagine this, that we could all be plain sheets of A4 once more. Floating down the street, gliding through the trees, perched in front of the television, pressed against one another, one A4 against another.





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