I didn’t know what to say.

21 05 2010

My eyes said I didn’t know what to say. They were averted to the carpeted floor.

She said a lot but everything she said she didn’t want to say.

I sat still for a long time, all four of us did. Although I didn’t see any of them I knew.

We were caught in solid light, cylindrical, a tight circle that rose threateningly to another place.

We couldn’t sink into the floor, we wouldn’t squeeze out the pin-hole top,

We were held fast in that dim light by her  words.

The tableaux broke as I shifted out of stiffened joints to resume a different pose but falling into the same tableaux.

I wanted to hold her and be close enough that my skin absorbed her tears,

I didn’t.

I saw my hand drift to rest on hers, but it wasn’t enough to warm either of us.

That hand seemed a severed part of me.

The other two sat flanking her each side, eyes cast down like obedient hounds, ears turned to her, shoulders bearing so much.

And yet, despite all this, it was the only moment we could, and ever would, be more than blood.





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