actions speak louder than words?

28 05 2010

I spoke to a friend yesterday and she told me she was tired of hearing people say things that they didn’t mean, hiding truths behind their words. How different would a conversation be if it wasn’t made on Facebook? This made me ask a lot of questions. How easy has it become to cover up the truth with a few well chosen words? Now that we interface, what’s happened to face to face? Has this allowed for a long distance conversation to be more distant? How distant have we truly become to one another? We all know that it’s much harder to lie looking someone in the eyes, perhaps that’s why media forms of communication find it so easy to exaggerate or embellish. They can quite easily detach themselves whilst staring into the 2dimensional face of a computer. Perhaps it’s the same for each of us. How can we truly find the words that will convey what we feel or should we put them aside all together and simply embrace a person or push them away, fold our arms, shrug our shoulders, stand our ground, look them straight in the eyes. And even as I write this to whoever will read it, I notice that I have taken time to collect a few chosen words, I’ve already fallen into a trap of thinking too much about what I want to say, I’ve already read over and corrected myself, yet  still I feel as though these words really can’t express enough what I mean or feel, but (and I hope it helps), I am imagining that we are together and conversing face to face and unable to be anything else but honest.





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