2 weeks in Biel, Switzerland. End of week 1.

23 07 2010

It’s been hot and sweaty work beneath the lush mountains of Biel. We parked the van up in the hills for a couple of days and worked from there, then we were in Silas’s studio and the car-park outside. This has become real hands on process out of the dance studio.

After researching a great deal before hand in Sweden, it was daunting to finally come here and begin working on actually creating the first part of aliAs. But, now that we have begun, lots of very interesting things are taking place and we are slightly relieved.

Happy accidents have led us to explore quite pedestrian movement and very simple movement qualities. Some scenes come across quite nostalgic in a sense. As though revisiting places we have been and trying to recreate moments that have past are, hoping that our words will release themselves in doing so.

In playing with attempting to speak and an inability to do so, we end up walking around, looking for the words perhaps, retracing our steps maybe. Basic actions replace dance movement e.g lying down, opening doors, stepping up, stepping down again. We notice how these niave things seem to say so much and keep reminding ourselves the importance to keep things simple. But don’t worry, we are still developing more physical sections too.

What we find as we continue to push on creating is that there is one constant, rather than answers, we encounter more questions. I think that this is good, I’m not so interested to providing answers anyway. Where ever this leads I hope that the people who see the work will question themselves as much as we have ourselves.

Silas has begun tinkering with the soundscape and making electronic wires for stuff (he prefers to work into the night), and we helped Sybille measure out yards of fabric. There is something brewing, and it feels really satisfying to be a part of it.

One last thing, we brought some hefty equipment for the show, be prepared to be blown away! Our lips are seeled!

/Khamlane, on behalf of the aliAs crew.




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