End of 3rd week, already?!

8 08 2010

This creation period has flown by. 3 weeks! What happened? Well, after being resident on the stage and the car-park at Paladium (which attracted many curious on-lookers), we’ve created our out-door performance, all the many little sections that compile into a 15 minute piece. Now we just have to run it all the way through. This will happen tomorrow. I’m excited to hear the music. I heard a preview of a Bossa-Nova section that will no doubt boom through the streets.

Starting this in April I could not have predicted this out-come and so I couldn’t say where this piece will eventually develop by the time we reach our premiere end of September, as this evolves into our theater performance. I think this must be a good thing. I think this must mean we didn’t have any preconceived  notions of an outcome and was open to the possibilities before us and the challenges they presented.

Someone asked me what to expect when they saw the out-door show. I had to think about this before I answered and then I ended up describing parts of it to them which didn’t do the work any justice. I now know what I should have said. Expect to be taken on a curious journey, one of transformation, where the ordinary can become extraordinary.

I’m very happy with what we have, but as is always the case, I wish we could just keep on exploring and developing our ideas. I think we could really keep going on forever. I guess we have to show it at some point, and I’m getting excited that soon we will.

Malmö Festivalen 26th Aug, come on the journey with us!

/khamlane, on behalf of the aliAs crew.




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