What next?

27 08 2010

Finally we took the show out to the public and what a relief! After rehearsing for so long it comes that time where rehearsing leaves you feeling deflated and not very objective. You know that, at that very moment, it’s time for audiences to take a peek. Was I nervous? Oddly enough “no”.

Our first show of the day was for children (and their parents). My own personal fear was that the shows slightly morbid imagery would send the little people crying into a mass stampede. You can imagine the headlines! Well, it was a very wonderful surprise that this was not the case. Instead we were met with wonderment and fascination. Many of the children wanted to touch the material and even tried to go into it. I guess I underestimated the strength of young children.

Each venue that followed gave us and the 20 minute movement and music concert something slightly different. Crowds would change, the space would shift and the day would gradually darken. From the open space of Post Huset, to the sun beginning to set in Stora Torg (this cast a magnificent light), to performing amongst the dimly lit lamps of Gustov Adolfs Torg (where we had to use extra lights to help with visibility) each moment shifted with the day and I believe this gave audiences at each place something very different to experience. Emma’s term of ‘not so much contemporary dance but temporary sculpture’ once again comes to mind. Each performance was a fleeting moment, sculptured to not last in its occupied space, but to linger in the minds of the viewer. This I think we achieved very successfully, I’m also certain the booming sound-scape is still ringing with an up-lifting buzz in peoples ears.

We’re all quite shattered, a bit bruised, a bit battered, concrete really is unforgiving, but I think (and I can safely speak for the others) this was worth every bump and graze. And I’m personally really eager to get our van on the road! But first things first. What’s next? Our premiere at Paladium, Malmo. So, a step at a time then…

(photos coming soon!)





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