Ribbing/Halsackda, Silas Bieri and members of MYCD…

2 05 2011

aliAs – på väg toured to Helsingborg, Kristianstad and Lund as part of  dansens dag. Despite extremely strong winds and the van’s gears failing just before the first performance (this took 4 hours to fix at the local garage by very helpful mechanics) the show went very well at Helsingborg, someone commented it was very dramatic! Yes, it was certainly that for us too since we all thought we would be swept away to never be seen again…

After we dodged and survived a large box that fell off the back of a lorry, and then someone who couldn’t drive in a straight line, we turned up at the picturesque venue of Kristianstad 2 hours late because of the van breakdown, still, we manage to put on the show. The show must go on right?! But not before we ate a pizza (we ordered pitta,  but it was misheard). A reggae song that came strumming on in the van on the way to Kristianstad just about summed up the day, he was singing ‘What a day…What a day…’

The next day the sun was still shining and Lund showed very little signs of strong winds. The universe seemed a lot more on our side than the day before and we could perhaps just lay back and enjoy doing the show…and then one of our speakers started to smoke. The on-hand technician carried out a very large red fire extinguisher. It was very little smoke. Was this turning into another drama with the elements? The answer was no, thank God. We performed to a lovely Lund crowd and the calm after the storm finally arrived. We did it! HURRAY US!!

From Ribbing/Halsackda and Silas Bieri a massive thanks goes out to Danscentrum Syd and the venues that had us perform. And also a special and massive congratulations to out founding members of MYCD Sofia Lykke Meile, Nanna Jensen and Mina Tomic, you did an exceptional job in every way.




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