MYCD prepares to meet SYD

29 07 2011

Malmö Youth Contemporary Dance prepares some duet work to be performed with Shoreditch Youth Dance in Malmöfestivalen on August 24th…

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After weeks of posting live feeds of small ‘movement portraits’ onto Bambuser we finally began to pull from these small choreographies, creating longer phrases of solos and duets. These were then taught to MYCD, and through this process developing the choreography once again into new phrases. When MYCD meet with SYD in August they will in turn teach them the choreographies that they helped to develop. We realize more and more that the Nya Folkdansen is an on going process, and its choreography an ever evolving element, once we take it outdoors at Malmöfestivalen it is sure to develop again, and it proposes us with a question: Is the new folk-dance something that should forever change, never to remain the same, as people are never themselves caught in a stagnant place? When MYCD perform again in November at Scenekonst Festivalen this same work we will know the answer for certain.

It was a very intense week and MYCD members worked very hard, Emma and I are both very proud and full of admiration for these young and talented creators of art! BRAVO MYCD!


Filming Blobs in Dunkers Kulturhus

26 07 2011

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THE BLOBS HAVE COME A LONG WAY! You may recall them from last year as faceless and black, well, now they are like chewing gum and flesh, truly sculptural beings pulsing in consistency! You’ll see here that they are also made of children’s play clay! Whatever next? Well, we don’t know, but isn’t that the point? We like to keep you (and ourselves) forever in suspense!

Micro-dance Residency

23 07 2011

Residency at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg,SE

By the end of 2011 RIBBING/HALSACKDA’s first dancefilm for children will premiere.

From our miniature white-screen for our miniature figures, we greatly thank the supportive staff at the culture centre in Helsingborg!




Nya Folkdansen & Illeist Collective

30 06 2011

First taste of what RIBBING/HALSACKDAS new movement production is about…
Nya Folkdansen: A visual splurge of movements and sound – of electronic facination and analogue urges!

This is where Sweden meets Switzerland that meets London that meets…You?
Uppcoming date: Malmö Sommarscen 6/7 Lindängens amfiteater, Malmö at 19h

How to dance a “Sunday Stroll” ? first gathering MYCD

22 05 2011

It was thrilling working with the 9 youngsters full of inspiration, dedication and talent! We went through basic floorwork and contact improvisation. The nine and me also took pleasure finding new appellations for dancesteps such as “a knots” “a sunday strolls” “a windmills” and “fingerdances”
Some first live broadcasts were done from a few girls, more are to come by next week:

“Nya Folkdansen” begins…

8 05 2011

RIBBING/HALSACKDA invites you to reclaim your space! Your right to move how you want, when you want, where you want! Today starts a new and innovative choreographic research where the public have an opportunity to be creatively involved in its process. This will accumulate in a library of human movements, displaying a vibrancy and versatility in our natural need to move. Do YOU want to say something? What is YOUR contribution to this patchwork  of movement that could possibly represent a new dance of the people by the people.

For further info look under the page “NYA FOLKDANSEN PROJECT 2011” !

– Emma & Khamlane

Dansens Dag 2011

7 05 2011