The first step in creating the New folk-dance is the setting up a youth group in Malmö: MYCD (Malmö Youth Contemporary Dance).

This talented group of 15-21 year old’s perform the initial versions of the New folk-dance in November 2011 at Scenekonst festivalen. But there will already be a sight specific event in August at Malmö festivalen.  

The group, although providing with dance training, is not aiming to be a school but a creative forum and platform for the sole purpose of exchange between professionals and young people in the region of Skåne, and international artists and youths groups via international exchange.

In the long run we aim to create opportunities for all freelancers in the region, to introduce various dance styles, and create big group choreographies,  a rare thing for freelance choreographers. Through MYCD artists like us get the chance to develop our ideas alongside our audiences. The youth get opportunities to perform as well as achieve a fuller understanding of contemporary art and dance.

In may 2011 MYCD started an international exchange between a youth group in south east London called SYD (Shoreditch youth dance: And this continues in 2012 when MYCD visit London for thier first performance abroad.

Please watch this trailer of performance after 6 month work:

If you want more information and to know about how to join the group, or want to book a show; please do not hesitate to get in contact with either Emma Ribbing or Khamlane Halsackda or go to


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22 04 2010

Nice! 🙂

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