London met Malmö today…

19 08 2011

-20 talented youth blew me away today in the first days of creation to the second part in RIBBING/HALSACKDA’s creation of 2011: Nya Folkdansen. The show will be part of the event UTFALL in Malmöfestivale. See it next Wednesday 24/8 at 17h & again at 19h only in Gustov Adolfs Torg!

RIBBING/HALSACKDA asks themself; If a common folkdance was made today what would the movements be like, what would define its patterns and gestures, and what emotion would it express?
Come and contribute yourself both passively or actively- express what in our concern is great folk movements should be about:

the need of being together
the celebration of change
the rite and bonding through movement!