Nya Folkdansen III trailer!

11 01 2012

MYCD, We are so proud of you!!!


Audition: Malmö Youth Contemporary Dance, Sunday 27th March

20 03 2011

Are you between 15-20? Curious about choreography and being creative? Want to meet similar young people? RIBBING/HALSACKDA is holding an open audition for youths who want to gain experience with Malmö’s professional freelancers  in dance and choreography, plus have international exchanges and opportunity to perform in professional events with professional choreographers/performers in contemporary dance.

Contact us now!

Blobs dance at Bautakristallen- Babel Malmö

4 03 2011

After a some digital rest RIBBING/HALSACKDA return to their blogging, but this time with some blobbing too, around Malmö!
After a long winter they are springing out in little dance happening’s starting tonight in the club “BAUTAKRISTALLEN” at Babel,
Malmö. Between 11.30- 01.00 they perform 3 short Blob Dances for you who dare to come near…