Day three…

21 08 2011

Thank you SYD thank you MYCD for a third day of hard, really hard work! I am very impressed with your absolute dedication and beautiful energy! And am proudly looking forward to wednesday! You will make wonderment happen in Malmö’s Gustav Adolfs Torg


London met Malmö today…

19 08 2011

-20 talented youth blew me away today in the first days of creation to the second part in RIBBING/HALSACKDA’s creation of 2011: Nya Folkdansen. The show will be part of the event UTFALL in Malmöfestivale. See it next Wednesday 24/8 at 17h & again at 19h only in Gustov Adolfs Torg!

RIBBING/HALSACKDA asks themself; If a common folkdance was made today what would the movements be like, what would define its patterns and gestures, and what emotion would it express?
Come and contribute yourself both passively or actively- express what in our concern is great folk movements should be about:

the need of being together
the celebration of change
the rite and bonding through movement!

MYCD prepares to meet SYD

29 07 2011

Malmö Youth Contemporary Dance prepares some duet work to be performed with Shoreditch Youth Dance in Malmöfestivalen on August 24th…

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After weeks of posting live feeds of small ‘movement portraits’ onto Bambuser we finally began to pull from these small choreographies, creating longer phrases of solos and duets. These were then taught to MYCD, and through this process developing the choreography once again into new phrases. When MYCD meet with SYD in August they will in turn teach them the choreographies that they helped to develop. We realize more and more that the Nya Folkdansen is an on going process, and its choreography an ever evolving element, once we take it outdoors at Malmöfestivalen it is sure to develop again, and it proposes us with a question: Is the new folk-dance something that should forever change, never to remain the same, as people are never themselves caught in a stagnant place? When MYCD perform again in November at Scenekonst Festivalen this same work we will know the answer for certain.

It was a very intense week and MYCD members worked very hard, Emma and I are both very proud and full of admiration for these young and talented creators of art! BRAVO MYCD!

“på G” in the streets…

12 09 2010

How something ordinary can become extraordinary…

26/8 aliAs -på G in Malmöfestivalen

7 06 2010

On the 26th August aliAs- på G will venture outside! Presenting four short imaginings/performances throughout the day, each at a different location within the Malmö Festival site!
Get more information and visit