Day three…

21 08 2011

Thank you SYD thank you MYCD for a third day of hard, really hard work! I am very impressed with your absolute dedication and beautiful energy! And am proudly looking forward to wednesday! You will make wonderment happen in Malmö’s Gustav Adolfs Torg


How to dance a “Sunday Stroll” ? first gathering MYCD

22 05 2011

It was thrilling working with the 9 youngsters full of inspiration, dedication and talent! We went through basic floorwork and contact improvisation. The nine and me also took pleasure finding new appellations for dancesteps such as “a knots” “a sunday strolls” “a windmills” and “fingerdances”
Some first live broadcasts were done from a few girls, more are to come by next week:

Thank you all, talented people!

29 03 2011

– for attending our audition last Sunday! We were thrilled by your numbers, energy, creativity and enthusiasm – lovely!