A second reclaim – Nya Folkdansen part II – broadcast live!

26 08 2011

Any teenager should have the right to a physical dance experience that doesn’t classify the persons ability to move or their aesthetic, but instead just simply giving him/her a physical art experience!

We are very proud to have conquered financial limitations and lack of a production team with our burning artistic enthusiasm, and making this possible with our small freelance means. We know that this is but the beginning of something big that we will endeavor to make continue. We open our arms to all collaborators possible to make a sustainable exchange between freelance choreographers and youth.

After a week of work we are thrilled, exhausted, excited and very much looking forward to future international youth dance exchanges between SYD and MYCD!

It has been an unforgettable experience for all of us!

Watch live: http://bambuser.com/channel/Nya+Folkdansen/broadcast/1920963 START AT 2.10 MIN!



Day three…

21 08 2011

Thank you SYD thank you MYCD for a third day of hard, really hard work! I am very impressed with your absolute dedication and beautiful energy! And am proudly looking forward to wednesday! You will make wonderment happen in Malmö’s Gustav Adolfs Torg

Our dance with autistic students in Hässleholm

9 11 2010

– It strikes me how individuals who throughout school have been reminded of their differences are physically free of judgement -full off imaginative movements and clear communication!

A thought, if school is a game of monopoly the ”normal” kid is ”sent back to Go ” by his/her own judgment when behaving physically ”out of the norm” and a kid free of judgment can start to build hotels!

-‘On the tongue’ is on the net!

3 11 2010

For you who missed the premiere…

“på G” in the streets…

12 09 2010

How something ordinary can become extraordinary…

26/8 aliAs -på G in Malmöfestivalen

7 06 2010

On the 26th August aliAs- på G will venture outside! Presenting four short imaginings/performances throughout the day, each at a different location within the Malmö Festival site!
Get more information and visit http://www.dansstationen.nu